Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The New Middleton Family Coat of Arms

Being the first commoner in centuries to marry an heir to throne means that Kate Middleton has some very unique business to see to before her "I dos." One of these tasks was getting the Middleton family set up with their own crest that can be used on souvenir wedding programs and the like.

The crest apparently cost £4,400 (what in the what now?!) and Kate was said to be heavily involved with the design, which features three acorns meant to represent Kate, Pippa and James. Why acorns you ask? Well, apparently because acorns become oaks, great trees that symbolize strength and grow in West Berkshire where the Middletons hail from.

That inverted gold V in the centre of the design reps Carole Middleton (whose maiden name is Goldsmith), showing that she is the heart and centre of the family. The white inverted Vs are said to stand for mountains and the family's love of skiing (kind of lame, says us). The Middletons picked red and blue for a backgroud to reflect England and also, conveniently, to match Wills' new coat of arms. The tied ribbon is said to represent Kate's as-yet unmarried status.

Once KMidd says her royal "I dos" her new coat of arms will be joined with William's with his on the left and her's on the right in what is apparently known as an "impaled arms." Sounds painful to us.

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