Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kate Wears a Roland Mouret with Slit Up to There at Thirty Dinner

If there's one thing we hate it's sitting on the fence, but we've become increasingly familiar with the place due to Kate Middleton's recent outfits. We look at what the Duchess is wearing and find ourselves somewhere in the middle of Love It! Land and OMGNoes! Village.

Roland Mouret 2009 - Lombard Gown - Style.com

The white Roland Mouret dress that Kate Middleton wore to dinner at the Thirty Club in London (where Prince William gave a speech) has us sitting in that uncomfortable position. On the one hand we're kind of intrigued by the straight, clean lines, the creamy white colour, the hint of leg from the thigh high slit. We also love the choice of Jimmy Coo Vamp sandals and dark toes for a little youthful flair. And still, something is a little bit off. We don't lurve this look. Just for some added interest this dress (the "Lombard") was worn by Carla Bruni and supermodel Amber Valletta before this version of it made its way to Kate.

These photos are courtesy of The Daily Mail who report that Kate's sparkly clutch is also Jimmy Choo and her vintage-y sparkly dangle earrings are the Eva from Beaut.

What do you think of Kate Middleton's white Roland Mouret look?

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