Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kate Middleton and *That* Sapphire Engagement Ring

We've slept on it and we still can't shake that icky feeling when it comes to Kate Middleton's engagement ring. Sure, there's soon to be a run on 80s-style sapphires surrounded by diamonds, and, yes, it's nice that William was thinking about his mother, but the whole thing just feels wrong to us.

First off, poor Kate has enough to deal with walking in Princess Diana's shadow. While these two are seemingly as different as can be, you just know that some people are going to compare them 'till the break of dawn. Giving Kate the ring once worn by Di is only going to make things worse. Poor KMidd doesn't need to be labelled the "Next Diana." Let the girl be Kate or Catherine or whatever she wants to call herself these days.

Second, while we love coloured stones and precious gems other than diamonds for engagement rings, we can't say we love the design of this one. It's kind of...old fashioned, no? Yup, we're going on record to say we're not fans.

Third and, to our minds most importantly, this ring is a symbol of a marriage that was, in short, disastrous. Why, why, why would you want to start out a new, fresh union with that kind of baggage?

And, we're keeping it real here, AAKers, we believe in omens, bad luck and jinxes. Superstitious? Maybe, but we believe in better safe than sorry. And right now we're thinking that this ring should have been buried somewhere unfindable, so as not to get an opportunity to taint another happy bride-to-be.

Frankly, none of this makes any sense to us, and FYI Wills, saying you gave Kate the ring so you could feel your mother was a part of everything is nice, but we're not really buying it. Even using the stones in a new, modern design would have been better than this lazy choice. Hopefully Kate gets some nice jewelry in future to make up for this.

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