Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate & Wills' First Interview

As all the engagement hoopla starts to die down we've had a moment to stop and reflect. You know what we realized lovelies? We've never actually heard Kate Middleton speak. Until now. Directly after the official engagement announcement press conference Prince William and Kate sat down together for the first time to be interviewed. You can watch the entire interview here.

Our feeling is that they both came across quite well, even if soft spoken Kate seemed a tad nervous. They appear to be natural with a real, normal relationship. There was some teasing and, especially when their infamous breakup was mentioned, the same kind of knowing reactions that many couples have when discussing issues that will never really be 100% put to rest between them.

There are quite a few unique aspects to this duo. They're a royal couple who has dated for nearly a decade and even lived together and Kate is said to be the first commoner in more than 400 years to marry the future King of England. In the interview William describes Kate as having a "naughty sense of humor" and discussing his desire to prepare her for life in the royal fishbowl and shield her from some of the things that hurt his own mother. Kate describes the proposal as a "total shock" and practically squeals with glee when describing her excitement over the betrothal.

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