Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Pippa's Bridesmaid Dress? Here's a Lower Cost Version

It's no secret that we're not the biggest fans of the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister. You won't find any rah-rah Pippa here. Frankly, we find it difficult to understand all the fuss over her Royal Hotness (Really?! Who thinks up these names?)

While Pippa seems to have a rockin' bod, the only time we've ever seen her looking really soft and pretty was in her white McQueen at the royal wedding. We weren't even big fans of her in the Temperley after. Still, while Pippa looked great in the McQueen, we don't agree at all with those who claim that Pippa overshadowed the bride.

While we love her Modalu bags, overall Pippa kind of makes us feel the same way Chelsy Davy always did. Confused and a little bit dirty. There is just something about both those girls that doesn't sit 100% right with us.

Seems we're going off on a tangent here. We digress. This entire post is about a new dress soon to be available from Debenhams that will allow you to copy Pippa's bridesmaid look for less (we think it would work well for brides too). According to the Telegraph, the high street store will be selling a similar cowl-necked dress later this year for £170. While not an exact match, it's definitely pretty similar--and unforgiving. To receive updates you can email

In other Pippa news (we're rolling with it today), Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes polled Americans to find out just what they know about the Pipster. Unfortunately, the results are unlikely to please the Middletons, because "despite playing a massive role in the Royal wedding, just 32% of US citizens knew who Pippa was and many even guessed she was a dirty actress in blue movies." [1] Pippa as a porn star? Ouch.

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