Friday, August 19, 2011

Kate Middleton Wears Military-Inspired McQueen in Birmingham

Photo: Getty

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were spotted out and about in Birmingham, meeting with area residents and families of the victims of the London riots. Kate's attire sombre enough, another military-inspired ensemble from Alexander McQueen (Pre Fall 2011). We'll just say, straight off the bat that this isn't our fave McQueen military look on Kate. We love the skirt, but we're thinking a little more simple on the blouse would have been good. Yes, a girl can have to many gold epaulets. And we're not entirely loving the match of the blue suede mystery pumps with this outfit, either.


You can see that Kate has done away with the belt and made the slits in the skirt much lower. The military silk-georgette blouse and the embellished wool crepe skirt are both available on Kate also added her sapphire cabochon earrings (thought to be Tiffany) to the outfit.

Sartorial opinions aside, many have raised the question as to whether a military-inspired outfit--let alone one costing thousands--was really appropriate for the occasion. Kate's usually pretty diplomatic in what she wears, and conscious of the message she's sending, do you think this was a misstep?

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