Monday, June 13, 2011

Kate Middleton in Katherine Hooker at the Order of the Garter

Photo: Getty/The Mirror UK

Girls, let's talk. Here's the thing, we're fans of Kate's penchant for coat dresses, but sometimes we think the style might veer into Camilla territory (not good when you're 29). The dove grey coat and matching silk dress that the Duchess of Cambridge sported at the Order of the Garter ceremony is evidence of this. Yes, the colour is understated and pretty, the embroidery is delicate, but it's all so...boring. So we've-seen-it-all-before.

Photo: Daily

Both Kate's grey dress and coat are by Katherine Hooker. According to the designer the Buxton Dress is "cut on the bias in Mercury crepe silk satin" and the Buxton Coat is made of Ash Simla silk.

Kate Middleton's grey suede pumps are the Malone by Rupert Sanderson. (Confirmed on the designer's Facebook). She also wore a cross necklace we've seen her sporting for many years now.

Kate's hat is by Rachel Trevor-Morgan and she's wearing the Kiki Mcdonough Grace Topaz and Diamond Stud Earrings.

The International Business Times

Kate's suede clutch at the Order of the Garter
ceremony is the Carole by Emmy Custom.

It's the same bag that mum Carole sported at the royal wedding, along with shoes and a coat-and-dress combo very similar to what her daughter was wearing at the Order of the Garter Service. We like that the Middleton ladies swap clothing and accessories. Refreshingly normal.

But, when you're barely 30 and already dressing like your mom we'd definitely say your look is a little...dated. Too old Kate! The look is elegant but just too old. When it comes to coat dresses we love you looking fresh faced and chic in McQueen!


  1. Most Americans, esp. those of the lower and middle and even upper middle classes, don't understand the term 'classic dress'...classic can be worn by any age group, and over many years. If she wore something 'younger' looking, it would no longer be classic. In America we look at singers and celebrities like J Lo and Beyonce and they actually believe they look good! Hollywood actors, rappers, with their hair weaves, hair cuts, common jeans and tacky flash and bling...all could learn something from the beautiful, classy, quality that European and particularly English clothing has to offer. What a pity that the celebrities in the states, with all their money, still manage to look like s*** everytime they're seen, and the common European on the street, regardless of wealth, most of the time manages to out shine them. What a poor reflection on the US. And the editor's opinion just proves my point. As they say, if you don't know, you don't know.

  2. Hey Guest, thanks so much for your comment! We'd gladly agree that many classic styles work for a variety of age groups--and that Kate, more than most, has to be conscious of just how cutting edge her outfits are--but there's always a way to put a "young" spin even on something classic.

    Using the coat dress as an example we're much bigger fans of the two McQueens that Kate has sported in the past months (the white one and the military-inspired one). Classic with a little something extra, in our opinion. Of course, you know what they say about opinions...everyone's got one!


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