Thursday, June 30, 2011

Royal Tour of North America: Day 1 - Bird Print Issa at BBQ


In the evening of Day 1 of the royal tour of Canada, Kate Middleton debuted a third outfit. This time it was a pretty bird print dress and wedge sandals for a BBQ.

Dress look familiar?

The Issa bird-print dress is the same one Kate was spotted wearing outside the Goring Hotel the night before her wedding along with her Maddox wedges and a white BCBG cardi jacket.

Kate's slingback wedges at the Canadian BBQ look a lot like Pied A Terre's Ivy P or Imperia, although the company has yet to confirm. Pied A Terre has stated that the Ivy is "nearly identical" and made no mention of the Imperia (above), which we think is likely the real match.

UPDATE: Kate's slingback wedges have been confirmed as Pied A Terres by the company, but they're saying the Ivy, which we're still not sure about. Most likely the Ivy is the current model available and that's what the company is now trying to sell as the Duchess of Cambridge's slingback wedges.

Kate's gold leaf earrings are by Vinnie Day.
We have yet to ID the Duchess' disc necklace,
let us know if it looks familiar to you!

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