Friday, July 22, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Shoes, Dress, Etc. Go on Display at Buckingham Palace

If you, like us, have always wondered what Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen lace wedding shoes really looked like, now you have your answer. Sensible, closed toe, prettier for the lace. Very Kate, we'd say. If you're in London you can head to Buckingham Palace where Kate's wedding ware is going on display.

The top two layers of the wedding cake on display are apparently replicas as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have saved them, per tradition, to serve at their first child's christening. I guess that's because, unlike us who save for our first anniversary, these royals usually have their kids before then. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to kick off the exhibit along with QEII later today. We're keeping our eyes peeled for you AAKers! You can check out some more detailed pics of Kate's £250,000 (we know!) wedding dress here.

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